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Art NOW: Tori Foster

Art NOW: Tori Foster
Wednesday, February 14, 12:00-1:00 pm
Casa Meeting Room

The University of Lethbridge's Art NOW course centres on presentations by guest speakers including artists, art historians, critics, cultural theorists, curators and filmmakers. Up to three different speakers per week, representing a wide range of contemporary practices, discuss their art, ideas, working methods, and issues in the visual arts. Through the diverse spectrum of lectures, students gain a broad exposure to a range of work including painting, sculpture, photography, performance, drawing, installation, video, sound art, public art, social practice, and collaborative practices.

Tori Foster will be speaking about newer pieces from her body of work including her most recent, The Alchemist Husband, which is being shown at the SAAG in February. Foster is an Ontario based media artist whose work centres on emergent behaviour and the urban landscape. Heavily process oriented, very little of Foster's work is a direct representation of the environments and phenomena she captures. Instead, she treats captured imagery as data and re-presents it to expose alternate information inherent to, but not visible in, the original dataset.

Bring your lunch and enjoy Art NOW lectures live-streamed at Casa. Admission is free.


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Casa Meeting Room
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