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Current Exhibitions

work by Anne-Laure Djaballah

Main Gallery
April 29 - June 10
Reception: Saturday, April 29, 7:00pm

PAUSES AND TRANSITIONS features examples of unique and skillfully executed abstract paintings.  While non-representational, these canvases reference the Alberta landscape, pathways and urban alleyways encountered by the artist. These highly considered compositions, intriguing colours and expressive mark-making will engage anyone interested in the possibilities of painting.  Djaballah received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Concordia University, Montreal and a Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Lethbridge.  

Artist Statement

Incidents of paint linger in the working mind of the painter as continuous thrills, as possibilities, like words you may soon use in a sentence, and – in a manner which seems to exist outside of spoken language – as beacons of hope to any human being for whom visuality is the site of questions and answers about existence. ---Mira Schor

While walking here in Lethbridge, paint stays in the back of my mind. How do I respond to this landscape on canvas? How well can that small window express the vast prairie space?

And, as this landscape is lived in, and with, it is never pristine. The residue of everyday living spills out into it – that is also a part of the landscape.

These thoughts get pondered through paint. Starting a painting, unsure of where it may end, the materiality of the paint pushes forward, asserting itself as a presence, enticing and full of possibilities. The colours, shapes, types of brushstrokes lead me down a path that opens up the potential of the canvas. The marks or colours may evoke this memory for me, or that connection for you. These discoveries continue long after the painting is done. 

Oftentimes, these colourful moments are the most inspiring for me.  


work by Blake Wilson and Mike Judd

Main Gallery
April 29 - June 10
Reception: Saturday, April 29, 7:00pm

THE CASTLE RIVER AND PORCUPINE HILLS is a two-person exhibition by Blake Wilson and Mike Judd. Large canvases showcase their engagement with both the language of painting and the importance of the natural environment. Each artist has a distinct palette and personal approach to the praxis of painting, but have found a fellowship in the themes, motifs and importance of their subjects. Blake Wilson is a retired educator with his practice based in Lethbridge. He has been a long time participant in the arts community and has participated in innumerable group exhibitions. Mike Judd lives in the foothills, where he is an ardent conservationist and has spent a lifetime guiding hunters, trail-riders and dog-sledding tours.  His life as an outfitter has influenced his philosophy extensively and guided him along the path from hunter-trapper to conservation activist and artist. 


work by Alexis Bialobzyski 

Concourse Gallery
April 29 - June 10
Reception: Saturday, April 29, 7:00pm

With elements of painting, drawing, and collage, ICONS & CURIOSITIES evokes mood, atmosphere and colour in the works. The compositions are based primarily on the figure, but reflect an interior world of dreams and imagination.  Bialobzyski received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge and has actively participated in numerous group shows in our community.  

work by the Lethbridge Weavers

Concourse Showcase
April 29 - June 10
Reception: Saturday, April 29, 7:00pm 

For WEAVING LETHBRIDGE LANDSCAPES, the Lethbridge Weavers divided themselves into four groups. Each grouping was assigned a significant Lethbridge landscape to inspire new tea towel warps. These warps were influenced by photos and memories of important Lethbridge landmarks: the Post Office, the High Level Bridge, the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens and the beautiful coulees with their natural wildflowers.  The Lethbridge Weavers (Lethbridge Handicraft Guild) is one of the oldest and most active arts groups in Lethbridge.  




I HAVE SOMETHING IMPORTANT TO TELL YOU: A Postcard to a Friend I Haven’t Met Yet
Soar Visual Arts Project 

Passage Gallery
April 29 - June 10
Artist Reception: June 2

As part of the Soar Emerging Artist Festival, The Gallery at Casa asked young artists to consider what they would like to say to a friend they haven’t met yet. Perhaps the anonymity provoked them to disclose something intensely personal, or maybe you would like to relate a humorous anecdote. It might have been sage advice learned at great cost, a meditative reflection they ached to share or a philosophic rumination about life and art. The Passage Gallery will display the fronts of the postcards from around the world. The backs will be visible in other areas of the community and in a companion catalogue. 



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