Clay Studio

Wheel Throwing + Handbuilding

Clay Studio

Artists can perfect their practice in our clay studio, which is designed for work in both handbuilding or throwing on the wheel. Equipped with large 8’ canvas tables specific to a variety of clay bodies and six clay wheels, artists can realize a variety of ceramic creations. Quick access to sinks, reclamation bats and storage carts makes clean-up easy.  

With an inventory of clay types for sale, an adjacent damp room, glazing studio with specialized equipment and on-site kilns, an artist can take their work through the entire creative process. The glazing studio contains a spray booth, ventilation hood, an assortment of pay per use premixed glazes and chemicals. For artists taking advantage of the on-site firings, costs are calculated against the space taken in the kiln. Enjoy the ability to see a project taken from idea to completion. 

Locker space is available in this studio, please see Reception for rental rates.

  • Clay Wheels
  • Reclamation bats
  • Slab roller
  • Spray booth
  • Wedging tables
  • Ventilation hood
  • Extruder
Artist working on ceramic vessels in clay studio
Young woman loading clay kiln


Casa is outfitted with one gas kiln, three electric kilns and one kiln specific to glass wares. Casa’s Clay Services Manager handles kiln firings for educational programming, studio access pass holders and artists working outside the studio looking for a place to fire their works. The Clay Manager is responsible for loading, firing and unloading. Access to this service is available to artists of all levels.

With Access Pass
Without Access Pass
Electric Kiln (small)
Electric Kiln (medium)
Electric Kiln (large)
Gas Kiln

Note: Partial kiln firings or per-piece will be calculated pro-rated against a full load 

Clay + Glaze Sales

Casa maintains an inventory of clay bodies available for purchase at the facility. There is a mix of medium fire (cone six) and high fire (cone ten) bodies in stock. A range of porcelain and stoneware clay bodies give artists a multitude to chose from, with popular choices such as P300, M340, M370 and M390 readily available.

  • Plainsman M332
  • Plainsman M340
  • Plainsman M340GS
  • Plainsman M370
  • Plainsman M390
  • Plainsman MSCULPT
  • Plainsman H440
  • Plainsman H443
  • Plainsman H570
  • Plainsman P300
  • Plainsman P600
  • Plainsman Polar Ice

Casa’s glazing area is stocked with a combination of premixed glazes and chemicals allowing artists to create their own glazes. Use of glazes are on a pay per use basis.