Artist in Residence (AiR)

Time + Space to Create

Artist in Residence (AiR)

The residency program at Casa provides an opportunity for artists from across all disciplines to pursue their practice in a supportive, concentrated, community-based atmosphere. Open to artists with diverse experience levels, backgrounds and a variety of media including those in or recently graduated from undergraduate programs. 

Workshops, installations, open houses and artist talks are part of AiR community engagement program. Informal and friendly workshops allow you to create alongside artists. Open houses and artist talks with visiting artists allow for learning new perspectives and ways of seeing.  

Follow the AiR programming within the seasonal Casa Program Guide and events calendar for upcoming events.  

Artist dancing in dance studio
Headshot of artist Karen Hare

Who is in Residence?

This January, Casa will be hosting artist Elyse Longair, as part of the Artist in Residence (AiR) program from January 3 – 30. Elyse will be working on collages for her upcoming exhibition at the Trianon in the 2D Studio.

Elyse Longair is an artist, curator and image theorist pursuing her PhD in Screen Cultures and Curatorial Studies at Queen’s University. Her ‘simple image’ theory re-imagines the role of images away from complexity, opening up new possibilities for imagined Futures.

Collage Workshop: Thursday, January 17, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Exhibition Opening at the Trianon (104 5 St S): Saturday, January 27 at 8 pm
Talk and Tour at the Trianon: Tuesday, January 30, from 7 – 8 pm

Who is in Residence?

This January, Casa will be hosting artist Jenn Kitagawa, as part of the Artist in Residence (AiR) program from January 15 – 28.

Jenn is an award-winning multidisciplinary visual artist who grew up in Edmonton a well as the southern farmlands surrounding Taber, Alberta. She is of Japanese descent and is 4th generation, Yonsei and Scottish. During her residency, she will be working on a textile piece that weaves together her family lineages. Her talk will explore her art practice along with stories from her mother and grandmother.

AiR Artist Talk: Jenn Kitagawa
January 24, 2024
7:00 – 8:00 pm
Bunka Centre, Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

Artist April White posing in front of an inflatable tube with a mustache
Artist working in woodshop

Application Process

Emerging artists find the Casa AiR program to be a welcoming place for those wanting to experience the residency process. Mid-career and established artists are also encouraged to apply as Casa provides space free of charge and will help to co-ordinate a number of public engagement opportunities. 

Please seek funding for travel, lodging and per diems from granting agencies as necessary. Successful candidates may request letters of support for their grant applications. 

Application due dates:  

Application due dates occur January 15 and June 15 of each year. 

Submissions for the January 15 intake will be programmed for a residency between June and December.

Submission for the June 15 intake will be programmed for a residency between January and June of the following year.