Rotary Square

Room to Celebrate

Rotary Square

Rotary Square is the largest rentable space at Casa. Ideal for downtown gatherings, concerts, street dances, outdoor markets and other festival type events Casa’s Rotary Square is located on the east side of the building with easy access to the facility. The square is surrounded with a small pony wall easily demarking public and private space. This central location fronting 8 Street and 3 Avenue is perfect for gaining the attention of a wider public audience. Past events in this space include the Moonlight Run, Wide Skies Music Festival and AAC Whoop-Up Days BBQ.

Two small artist kiosks are located on the square and may be available for booking depending on availability. These small containers have slat wall, lighting and electricity. Outdoor electricity is accessible in multiple spaces throughout the square. Vehicles may be driven on the square for food trucks or to set up outdoor stages, bleachers and lighting rigs. Prior to the event a technical check with event plot should be booked (at no extra cost) to facilitate set-up. Additional documentation may be required depending on the type of event planned. 

Equipment and furnishings dependant on availability: 

  • Rectangular tables (8’)
  • Round tables (5.5’)
  • Tents 8’x8’
  • BBQ
  • Basic sound system and speakers
  • Riser sections 6’x8’ (4)


Size: 64′ x 100′

Capacity: 400 Persons