Meeting Room

Room to Meet

Meeting Room

Suitable for board meetings, auditions, table reads, small screenings, brainstorming sessions and intimate gatherings, the Meeting Room serves as a private room to assemble friends, associates and arts organizations. Casa’s Meeting Room is equipped with mobile tables, a smart television, whiteboard, computer desks and coffee station allowing the space to be configured in several arrangements to meet your needs.

Each side of the room is configured to seat up to 16 people, conference style. A retractable common wall can be opened up to accommodate up to 30 people. Requests for audio visual equipment can be made when booking the room. Priority booking will be given to arts organizations

Available equipment and furnishings:

  • Rectangular tables (6’)
  • Chairs
  • Smart Television
  • Whiteboard
  • Coffee Station


Size: 18′ x 24′

Capacity: 30 Persons