Public Engagement

Engage with The Gallery + Artists + Artworks

Exhibition Openings

Throughout the year The Gallery hosts exhibition openings free to the community. These building-wide events connect artists and the public in a celebratory atmosphere. Non-critical and open to all members of our community, exhibition openings are informal and fun. Meet artists, ask questions and meander the building to see new works. There are usually six exhibition openings throughout the year. Refreshments and cash bar are available.

To see our upcoming exhibition opening nights, please visit our events calendar.

Art Documentaries 

Over the past two decades the AAC Gallery Program has screened art documentaries. These documentaries look at the lives and practices of contemporary working artists. Art documentaries lift the curtain for non-artists and give a peek into the working lives of artists. As contemporary artists work with current topics, many times the films reflect on soci-political aspects of our own community. The films invite conversation, reflection and often inspire. 

Attendees are asked to provide a donation to offset screening fees and as a fundraiser for The Gallery at Casa.

January 11 – Behind the Curtain June 14 – National Indigenous Peoples Month
February 8 – Black History Month September 13 – Cultivating Community
March 8 – Women’s Stories October 11 – Telling Tales
April 12 – It Came From Canada November 8 – Movember Movies
May 10 – Inside/Out December 13 – Quiet Contemplation

Watch the events calendar for full details and upcoming screenings.


Off-site Exhibitions

The Gallery occasionally hosts interesting and exciting exhibitions outside of Casa. These can be temporary and ephemeral exhibitions around the community or pop-up exhibitions on the plaza. The Gallery also partners with local organizations in mounting off-site visual arts programming.

Follow the events calendar for upcoming off-site exhibitions.