Textile Studio

Sewing + Dyeing + Felting + Silk Painting

Textile Studio

The Casa Textile Studio located on the second floor is separated into dry and wet areas. When you first enter the studio, the dry area is suited with large workbenches allowing an artist to stretch out with large fabric projects.  

Within the connected dye area, artists have access to more workbenches, long stainless-steel counters and deep basin sinks. With specialized room ventilation, induction burners, a dye fridge, vertical steamer and a glove box for mixing dye chemicals, Casa’s Textile Studio provides an assortment of tools for artists to pursue their fabric-based practice. 

Locker space is available in this studio, please see Reception for rental rates.

Please note that this studio occasionally hosts class sessions or workshops. Dates will be posted on the door.

  • Dye fridge
  • Glove box
  • Vertical steamer
  • Iron + ironing board
  • Induction burner