Dance Studio

Room to Move

Dance Studio

Equipped with a sprung floor, mirrors, bars, a sound system, an adjacent change room and plenty of natural light, Casa’s dance studio is ideal for a variety of renters.  

The heavy-duty, multi-purpose flooring is designed to suit all movement activities including ballet, tap, contemporary and theatrical rehearsals. The north wall is mirrored with a moveable curtain. The supplied sound system is equipped to connect to any device with a standard 1/8” output jack. A change room is located adjacent to the dance studio. Outdoor shoes are not permitted in the Dance Studio to preserve the floor for dancers. Cubbies and a bench are conveniently located outside of the studio.

Our studio is the perfect place for you to practice your dance routines solo or with a group.  

Available equipment and furnishings

  • Upright piano
  • Stationary barres
  • Marley floor above sprung floor
  • Basic sound system and speakers Adjustable barres
  • Canvas floor protector


Size: 28′ x 48′

Capacity: 20 – 25 Persons