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Summer Salon

Artists have a unique vocabulary to address considerations of scale. They may describe works as ‘intimate’ or ‘monumental.’ They may frame references to scale in relation to the body, the environment, or the space in which it is exhibited. Scale is always an important aspect of creative discourse and a key element of our dialogue about art.  

The Gallery at Casa is calling for submissions for our 2023 Summer Salon, and the theme is Making It Big in Lethbridge. We are looking for artists that are either creating large works, or interested in conversations of scale. Scale is relative to an artist’s practice; an artist who creates pieces the size of a postage stamp would find the format of a postcard large, while some artists produce work at the ceiling for a scale they can accommodate in their studio or production space. We are seeking submissions that reference your individual exploration of scale and size. Perhaps large, or maybe just large for you.

Deadline: May 13, 2023

Main Gallery

The Main Gallery is located on the first floor and is dedicated to exhibiting the breadth of artistic practice being created in Lethbridge as well as works of local, regional and provincial artists with ties to southern Alberta. Gallery selections are not limited to any particular style, medium or approach. Artists and artisans can submit proposals for two years hence in drawing, painting, fine craft, installation sculpture, photography, ceramics, new media, video art or combinations of all the mediums. 

Proposals are open to individual artists, collectives and thematic group shows. Submission calls are open once a year in the month of November. The Gallery books 1.5 – 2 years in advance. Proposals are not accepted on an ongoing basis and proposals submitted at other times will be rejected. The Gallery endeavours to pay a fair honorarium to all artists that exhibit in the Main Gallery space. 

Next Deadline: November 30, 2023

Project Space

The Project Space is a dedicated space for artists working in expanded, challenging and dynamic ways – located outside the Main Gallery on the first floor of Casa. The display space is a shallow vitrine best suited for small-scale installations and/or pieces that engage individuals in a high traffic site.

This display area has been designated for site-specific work from local and regional artists that foster creative and social practices, while engaging and educating audiences through contemporary art. The Gallery at Casa supports exhibitions from artists with diverse experience levels, backgrounds and a variety of media. The Project Space provides a flexible exhibition platform for artists seeking out alternative or semi-public display venues. An artist fee is paid to selected artists.  Submissions are only accepted November 1 -30 of each year.

This space is funded in part by the Lethbridge Public Art Committee.

Next Deadline: November 30, 2023

Passage Gallery

Located in the atrium of Casa, the Passage Gallery is a large 25 foot feature area that is perfect for modest exhibitions of 2D work or wall-based installations. The Passage Gallery is adjacent to the reception desk and is visible from both entry doors, with thousands of visitors a month.

The Gallery at Casa welcomes and encourages proposals from all emerging artists regardless of ability, culture, ethnicity, citizenship, gender identity, or race. Please note that only proposals from Albertan-based artists will be considered at this time. The artist is responsible for all materials, equipment, shipping, and/or travel if necessary. The Gallery at Casa pays a fair artist honorarium to those exhibiting in the Passage Gallery.  Submissions are only accepted November 1 -30 of each year.

This space is funded in part by the Lethbridge Public Art Committee.

Next Deadline: November 30, 2023

Auxiliary Galleries

Casa has several auxiliary gallery spaces throughout the building. These display areas have been designated for the exclusive use of local and regional artists. Casa supports exhibitions from artists with diverse experience levels and in a variety of media. These spaces include large display cases and wall space in the second floor Concourse Gallery and the Focus Gallery located outside of the Dance Studio. Submissions are only accepted November 1 -30 of each year.

These auxiliary display areas pay a modest honorarium.

Next Deadline: November 30, 2023