A Journey Through Abstract – Rae-ann Dalgleish

A Journey Through Abstract – Rae-ann Dalgleish

A Journey Through Abstract – Rae-ann Dalgleish

I spent most of 2021 focusing my creative energy on abstract painting.

This collection of work demonstrates my exploration by using various tools, mediums and changing the consistency of the paint. While I ventured out with what I used to paint, I also explored more complex thoughts and feelings. How can I abstract passion? Or the feeling I get, when something is going to change? How do I express something that is different and yet familiar to all of us?


My name is Rae-ann Dalgleish. I am a self taught Artist, working mainly with Acrylics. I do not have a gimmick to what I do, nor do I adhere to any particular style, subject, color palette or mood. I use art as a means to liberate myself, so I work to challenge any self imposed rules or trappings.

The relationship that I have with art is a meaningful one. To me, it is a love affair, with all of the complexities, and discomfort of the unknown. It is discovering, and peeling back layers of who I was; a great excavation of finding truth within the textures, colors and brushstrokes that I use to express my thoughts, emotions and experiences.

Date:April 16th, 2022  -  June 4th, 2022

Location:Casa - Passage Gallery

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