Broken&Released: Prelude to active recovery  – Beck AS

Broken&Released: Prelude to active recovery  – Beck AS

Broken&Released: Prelude to active recovery  – Beck AS

After a loved one dumped out beers and said straight to the artist’s face after another beer binge “you need to deal with your trauma”, a lightbulb went off.  Months later they painted a stream-of-consciousness image and realised “yes, I need help”.  The journey to recovery began, and so did a change in their creative expression.  A series of self-portraits, some stream-of-consciousness and others delving into themes of recovery, began to surface.  For Broken&Released, the artist revisited sketches and completed an unfinished work from their proverbial “rock bottom” era.  Beck invites viewers to absorb the works and make their own interpretations, then if interested, view the artist’s descriptions of the works on their instagram page throughout September, @rsartyql.

Beck is a visual artist and peer support worker.  They are a self-taught artist who has had a love for exploring 2D art since very small.  Beck strives to translate their feelings into a span of mediums and styles; topics of hardships, recovery, dreams, and stream-of-thought creations center their main works. 

Date:September 9th, 2023  -  October 28th, 2023

Location:Casa - Concourse Gallery

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