Facets – Ewes + Mies | Collective

Facets – Ewes + Mies | Collective

Facets – Ewes + Mies | Collective

The work of Ewes + Mies | Collective is invested in processes of making and explores the contrasts and opportunities between traditional forms of making and new digitized forms of production and rapid prototyping. Their work has developed around the relationship between architectural thinking and form making, material explorations, and textile arts.

Facets is a collection of work that combine textiles with shapes and plates cut from solid materials to develop fabrics that transition from solid sheets to be formed and molded when draped over surfaces or when compressed. Using computer-controlled production techniques various plates forms and patterns will be developed and explored.

The exhibition includes explorations developed during the process of preparing the show, as well as some early prototypes developed by Ewes + Mies using similar processes.


Ewes + Mies | Collective is the collaborative effort of Karla Mather-Cocks (multifunctionalist) and David Cocks (Architect), along with the creative energy and participation of their children Watson and Juniper. Together we explore work that combines art and architectural disciplines. Ewes + Mies is based in rural Southern Alberta and is the name of both the home and creative space of our small family collective.

Date:April 16th, 2022  -  June 4th, 2022

Location:Casa - Concourse Gallery

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