Jordan Mudrack – WYSIWYG

Jordan Mudrack – WYSIWYG

Exhibition Opening January 28, 7pm – 9pm  

Jordan Mudrack – WYSIWYG

This series has been an ongoing process this year, and I have been consistently practicing and trying new things. You will see progress from my earliest photographs to the most recent that was created only a few weeks ago. Using the idea of Rorschach tests and utilizing inks in an unconventional way, I encapsulate single drops of ink in water to create stunning visuals. This process has allowed me to create WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get). Each piece is only titled by the date I created them as I want each viewer to see what they want without outside influences or guiding hands. This allows each viewer to make each piece their own. This passion project continues to evolve and has allowed me to learn which inks and lighting give the best results. It is still ongoing and I am consistently learning new methods. While viewing each piece, I ask you take the time and look at each creation until you see what you want to see.

Jordan Mudrack is a practicing photographer from Lethbridge, Alberta, who has loved photography since taking a class in high school. He has since continued with this passion for the last 15 years. Within the last few years, Jordan has been pushing himself and his work and has turned macro photography into his most prominent subject. By developing a new personal style within abstracts, Jordan has been honing his skills and had his artwork featured in juried pop-up galleries in Lethbridge and Calgary and has plans to expand.

Date:January 28th, 2023  -  March 25th, 2023

Location:Casa - Passage Gallery

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