Julie Duschenes – Pack Ice

Julie Duschenes – Pack Ice

Exhibition Opening January 28, 7pm – 9pm  

Julie Duschenes – Pack Ice

One winter, ice formed thickly on the Old Man River. Then, the river rose, the ice cracked and was floated in pieces out over the flood plain west of the river, where it landed and was stranded in the grass.

Such a strange and exciting juxtaposition; the ice in the grass! I walked through and around it for a week, photographing and listening to the ice creaking as it cracked and melted.

I knew that I wanted to make images of it, but for a long time I just wrote about it and made unsatisfying drawings. The bits and pieces stayed in a file. Years later, I went through the file again and started drawing and then, painting.

Painting and drawing allow me to sit with and within an idea or fascination. As this description demonstrates, it doesn’t really translate the thoughts into a cogent package of words. It remains a visual translation with poetic verbal bits. Still, it is a transcription, rather than an explanation.

Julie Duschenes grew up in southern New Brunswick, near Saint John.  She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (Halifax, NS) in 1975 and her Master of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) in 1982.  In Vancouver, she directed the Malaspina Print Workshop and served on the board of the artist-run Helen Pitt-Unit/Pitt-Pitt International Gallery.  She received 4 Canada Council Arts Grants and served on 3 Canada Council juries for arts grants.  Her work has been exhibited in 30 public art institutions in Canada and the United States and in various galleries across Canada. Julie’s work is in 12 public art collections, various private collections and can be seen at CCCA.ca, which is the website for the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art Database.

Date:January 28th, 2023  -  March 25th, 2023

Location:Casa - Main Gallery

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