A Warm Melancholy

A Warm Melancholy

A Warm Melancholy
works by Carmen Madsen
Passage Gallery
September 11 – October 23, 2021
Please note the opening celebration for this exhibition will be September 25 at 7:00pm during Arts Days

The cabin was warm, perhaps not always in temperature, but warm nonetheless. The wood-burning stove at the cabin was truly the heart of the home, in functionality and how it brought my family together. In the summer months, the stove would collect mindless clutter in anticipation of being ablaze once again. When the inevitable chill of winter would return, the stove was waiting to provide the sweet comfort of warmth. The stove produced an intensely dry heat – I can remember the feeling of the hot, dry air making my nose itch. The cast-iron stove fragments hung on the wall behind the stove were found by my Mum as a child at her childhood cabin. To me, these cast iron fragments signify an intergenerational connection of adventure, childhood whimsy, appreciation of the outdoors, and cherished family memories. The cabin has now been sold, and due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cabin’s location in Montana, I could not say goodbye to this extraordinary place. I feel a deep longing for the Tobacco Valley sun, the porch swing, the sound of wind rushing through the trees, the abandoned forestry roads, and the warm wood-burning stove.

Carmen Madsen is a multidisciplinary artist, primarily exploring the intertwined conversations between drawing, painting, and sculpture. Madsen graduated from the University of Lethbridge in the Spring of 2021 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Studio. As an emerging artist and young adult, Madsen is currently exploring the concept of identity and self-discovery through her art practice.

Date:September 11th, 2021  -  October 23rd, 2021


Location:Casa - Passage Gallery

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