Mel Lefebvre – Resilience: Inconspicuous

Mel Lefebvre – Resilience: Inconspicuous

Opening Reception: April 15, 7pm – 9pm

Mel Lefebvre – Resilience: Inconspicuous

The clever quince rust parasitizes apple, hawthorn, and other trees. It needs an evergreen nearby to complete its fungal mission. Common yarrow takes up space along cracks in the cement across the country, and will also soothe cramps. Western Salsify enchants with its giant puffballs, but it moves in and takes over fields easily, altering the landscape. Nanking Cherry from Asia is a delight when it flowers, even when the plant seems dead. These and the other small plants in this exhibit are discreet, and everywhere. They quietly take up space, secretly keeping histories of migration, adaptation, and change.  Look closely at the small plants around us, and you’ll see champions of time.

Mel Lefebvre is a conservation photographer who uses photography to highlight the human impact on the environment and how our surroundings shape us. Resilience: Inconspicuous, highlights the strength of small plants that affect our lives by incongruously sharing our history.  Mel is originally from Montreal, where she studied journalism and environmental science. She has been enjoying displaying her photos around Lethbridge and in magazines. Follow her on Instagram

Date:April 15th, 2023  -  June 3rd, 2023

Location:Casa - Concourse Gallery

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