Ossuary – Shanell Papp

Ossuary – Shanell Papp

Ossuary – Shanell Papp

An ossuary is a space used to store skeletal remains. In places where cemetery and graveyard space is limited and reused.

There are spaces like the Catacombs of Paris and the Sedlec Ossuary, Czechia. Which are very popular tourist sites.  Though places to store human remains are fairly common from medical museums to mummified bodies from (Lenin to Egypt to South America).

My interest here is creating parts that could be used to create hopefully a multitude of arrangements for soft rooms/ossuaries for silence and contemplation. The textiles construction will provide more sound insulation and physical insulation. Today we are seeing a small first version of the project.

I hope it will aid people in addressing difficult conversations. Ideally this work will come across empathetic and in an effort to heal. Like the work of Joseph Beuys and Louise Bourgeois.

Frequent questions I receive are about time to make, colour and design. Each piece can take 1-2 hours, the colours are mixed from recycled yarn to provide a visual blending to what I think bones look like and I designed this skull/method of working. If seeking more information on my work more can be found online.


Shanell Papp maintains an isolated and intensive art practice, working in textiles, sculpture, photography, and drawing. Papp’s work has earned a large following online, shared widely and viral multiple times over. The work blurs/redefines the boundaries of Textile Craft and Fine Art. At times grotesque, horrific, empathetic, and sometimes painfully funny. Their work can mesmerize with its charming laboured oddness.  Solo exhibitions at the CASA, Pith, The New Gallery, Gallery Gachet, University of Saskatchewan, Estevan, Latitude 53. selected group exhibitions at the SAAG, The University of Lethbridge, The Triannon, AKA, The Eskar, City of Craft, Textile Museum of Canada. Publications CBC – 2020 and 2018, Ripleys believe it or not a century of strange #15, Ceci n’est pas un pull – Pyramyd editions- France-2017, I laughed, I cried, I split my side – Blackdog press – England- 2016, SNAP CRACKLE POP – University of Lethbridge – 2010. Selected Interviews with the CBC (strombo, television, online), Hemjold magazine -Sweden, Order of the Good death/Caitlyn Doritey  -U.S.A, Juxtapose Magazine, Make Magazine, Vice Magazine, MICE, Education – BFA UofL 2006 – MFA UofS 2010.

This exhibition is supported by funding from the City of Lethbridge Public Art Percent for Art program.

Date:January 29th, 2022  -  March 26th, 2022

Location:Casa - Project Space

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