Our Moody Planet – Jeanne Kollee

Our Moody Planet – Jeanne Kollee

Exhibition Opening November 12, 7pm – 9pm  

As we struggle to understand this space rock that we all live on, we are left with one overarching conclusion. Our planet, like all other planets in our known universe, is not static. It is, in fact, frighteningly dynamic. Nothing is accidental nor happenstance. Because we are little more than tenants of this planet, we unfortunately have the tendency to view things through the rather opaque looking glass of our own self-interest.

As humans we don’t truly have the capacity to destroy our planet—that is, curtail its actual existence. We do, however, have the tools to render it uninhabitable for humans. I believe that’s what environmentalists have been trying to get across to us all, rather unsuccessfully as it turns out.

This body of work, “Our Moody Planet” does not attempt to preach restraint, nor rein in our excesses, nor make any effort at all to reverse a course for us that pessimistically foretells doom. We are not the sole contributors to the dynamic nature of our planet. Nor have we all the answers necessary to alter its course.

Though our technology now allows us to look around our planet, and other planets for that matter, most of us live day to day in a rather tiny, insular microcosm. Events, disasters come at us in daily news bites; we have trained our minds to view these moments as the entirety of events occurring on our planet at that particular moment.

This collection of fourteen paintings is an attempt to change that thinking, to gather those things we know of our planet, the daily bruising that it takes, and present it collectively in one gallery presentation. Every day, for the rest of your life, all fourteen of the images you see in this gallery today are happening on our planet. Every moment of every day.


I have been working full time at my art practice for the last twenty years and have studios at the McNally Art Studios, a decommissioned country school a few kilometers south of Lethbridge. This will be my sixth year at this location. The large space allows me the freedom to create in an environment of undisturbed quiet and reflection.

Most of my research is done through reading books on the subjects I want to paint, such as the Vikings and Celts which developed into a series of about 20 oil paintings. Another project, which required much research on pre-World War II Germany, also developed into a series. My latest works delve into weather and climate. With these works I endeavor to portray global warming of the five different continents and the oceans and waterways of our planet.

From my teen years I began to draw and then later as a young adult began to paint. Painting has always been a passion and continues to this day. My work is often influenced by my active curiosity, and as such does not limit itself to any particular genre.

My works have been exhibited at various shows across the province as well as with the Federation of Canadian Artists in Vancouver, BC.

Many of my original paintings are in art collectors in Australia, The Netherlands, Nepal, Malta, USA, Mexico and Canada.

Date:November 12th, 2022  -  January 14th, 2023

Location:Casa - Main Gallery

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