Kenzie Nieuwenhuis – Duality

Kenzie Nieuwenhuis – Duality

Opening Reception: April 15, 7pm – 9pm

Paintings by Kenzie Nieuwenhuis

As most creatives may know, I found myself stuck with what I believed my art should look like. Working in the realm of interpretation has allowed my art to branch out and bleed expression back into my canvas. Though I finds myself bouncing across different styles and mediums, the desire to create a body of work that exudes emotion and provokes question remains a core drive in my work. My desire to capture what makes me question the basics of expression, the duality we face as humans, interlocked with the universal experience of overwhelming desire to be seen.

Kenzie Nieuwenhuis, a self-taught Lethbridge born artist, has been creating art even before she could properly hold a brush. She has always been drawn to the ability art has to create a moment, feeling, and capture something in stillness. Though most of her work is done with acrylic or oil paints, she has been experimenting with bringing in usual and textured mediums. Bringing a new depth to pieces and pulling the vision off the canvas.

She wants her art to be an experience, not just experienced. An artist stands before a canvas, they set aside their brushes and pick up something unexpected. Through their skill and imagination, the artist transforms the canvas into a vibrant and dynamic world that captures the essence of their vision. Most of her work focuses on a single subject and lacks much landscape, pulling the attention to the story hidden before the viewer. This has also led her along a path of further perusing creative means to accomplishing her visions, her style and art adapting along the way.

This is Kenzie’s first public show of her artwork and her artistic outbreak into the world. She is thrilled to be taking part in this years exhibition at CASA, with a desire to create in many more spaces to come.

Date:April 15th, 2023  -  June 3rd, 2023

Location:Casa - Focus Gallery

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