Revealing Through Reflection – Marianne Gerlinger

Revealing Through Reflection – Marianne Gerlinger

Revealing Through Reflection – Marianne Gerlinger

the Covid years everything, especially in the early months, was so alien. The isolation and fear of the unknown caused introspection and acknowledgement of our life’s possible end to something previously unrecognized. Oddly, a unified feeling within humanity emerged as everyone was vulnerable. Then, in typical human fashion, came the conflicts over how preventative precautions would be followed, or not. Fractured times continue as we maneuver in a new version of our old lives.

I felt that a way to record my movement through this time would be through self-portraits. As I began, I found the earlier ones were too illustrational. Do you need a face for a self-portrait? And as others were feeling similar doubts and concern did it need to be my face at all or would paintings depicting emotion be more useful? It occurred to me that my past work is also autobiographical and have added one older piece to give context to a newer one.

Presented here are some of the iterations.

Marianne Gerlinger (she/her) attended the Alberta College of Art and Design (now Alberta University of the Arts) and the University of Alberta.   She was awarded invitational residencies in Banff, Slovenia, and two in China.   Her work is in the Canada Council Art Bank, Alberta Foundation for the Arts as well as many national and international public, private and corporate collections.   She has been included in many museum and gallery exhibitions and is pleased to share her work with you here at Casa.

Date:January 27th, 2024  -  March 23rd, 2024

Location:Casa - Main Gallery

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