Roots/Routes – Be.Trit (Bryan Faubert & Nicole Tritter)

Roots/Routes – Be.Trit (Bryan Faubert & Nicole Tritter)

Roots/Routes – Be.Trit (Bryan Faubert & Nicole Tritter)

Amidst the current chaos and vast expanse of this world, our souls seek connection, grounding, and each other. As Simone Weil so aptly describes, to be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul. This concept is brought to life through Be.Trit’s mobile sculpture Roots/Routes, which is a large steel tree trunk and root system fabricated on a mobile trailer. Just as tree roots reach out from their trunk in search of water, communication and community, we too want to root ourselves to each other and the land and waters that sustain us. We just need to be reminded. Roots/Routes becomes a visual reminder of our interconnectedness, while simultaneously bringing art to the people. This public sculpture invites viewer interaction where both artists and onlookers are encouraged to share tales of their Roots and the Routes (paths) that led them to Lethbridge/Sikoohkotok. Their collective stories will find a home in the blog Roots/Routes: Enroute @ Casa

Dive into the journey of connection and reflection with Be.Trit, as they re-imagine the essence of what it means to belong, both to the land and to each other.

Be. represents Bryan Faubert, known for his compelling street art and urban interventions, most notably his transformed Calgary C-Train turned late-night projection device.

Bryan Faubert received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia University of Art and Design and his Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary in 2020.  In 2014, he opened Studio 34, a sculpture studio, where he taught workshops and classes and conducted his own studio endeavors.  This space was about accessibility to the public to experiment and learn; creating shared knowledge.  Bryan is a member of the Wolf-Sheep Arthouse Collective in Victoria and an artist at the nvrlnd. Arts Foundation in Calgary.  Faubert’s exhibition history stretches from Nova Scotia to Toronto, down to Mexico and back up to Vancouver and consists of graffiti expositions, installations, pop-ups, artist run centres, public sculpture and commercial venues. In spring of 2019, Faubert travelled to New York to apprentice with internationally acclaimed sculptor Cal Lane, this endeavor has inspired his current public sculpture with a C-Train car.

Trit represents Nicole Korenda-Tritter, an interdisciplinary artist with a contemporary dance background who crafts publicly accessible artworks inspired by the natural world.

Tritter is an interdisciplinary artist with a contemporary dance background.  This lens of line, flow and the body are still a defining part of her artistic expression/practice. Consequently, movement is always an underlying factor in her work, whether used to create the work itself (large scale sculptures), as the work (performative storytelling), or interactive experiences designed to find movement within the participant like her Among the Trees series or RiverFestYYC (installation and participatory artforms). Tritter has a BA in Dance (1998) and an MFA in Sculpture (2018) from the University of Calgary and a BFA Sculpture (2014) from ACAD (AUArts). Her interdisciplinary work has been shown in theatres, galleries and outdoor spaces in Calgary and its surrounding areas, British Columbia, Ontario, Washington DC., Mexico, Poland and Finland.

Nicole Tritter’s cultural background intertwines Mi’kmaq (from time immemorial), Acadian French (from the first colony of Port-Royal, in what we now call Nova Scotia) and Ukrainian (she is the daughter of a WWII refugee). Having Indigenous and settler ancestry, as well as being a first-born Canadian, informs all that she does.  It keeps her grounded, reminds her of the history of this land, and continually makes her thankful to be a guest here in Treaty 7 territory. 

Date:June 15th, 2024  -  August 24th, 2024

Location:Casa - Rotary Square

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