Sheila Shaw – A Collection of Memories

Sheila Shaw – A Collection of Memories

Opening Reception: April 15, 7pm – 9pm

Sheila Shaw – A Collection of Memories

For the past year or so, my art has helped me to reflect and manage the disconnection that I sometimes feel from my family, my hometown and my culture. Living far away from everything that could help keep me connected has been difficult but I am extremely grateful for the memories that carry me through times of homesickness. During this process, I came to realize the extent that my late mother’s creativity has had on my art practice. Even though she was always hesitant to call herself an artist, my mother’s art mediums were sewing (quilt-making) and embroidery and I recognize her influence in the way that I lay out my compositions with blocks of colour. Life experiences and events, cultural practices and my first language (Cree) often inspire my work as well. I enjoy painting in this manner because symbolism can allow me to translate certain specific memories as a visual narrative. Some of my childhood recollections and the feelings that they provoke for me can sometimes get complicated and messy, depending on the memories that come forth but working methodically with patches of color helps to organize my thoughts and feelings which can be satisfying for me to see. I work primarily with acrylic paint on canvas and I paint intuitively, allowing my emotions to dictate my color choices. Ideas and thoughts develop as I work through each piece until specific memories start to attach themselves, so I am always curious and surprised to see the results.

Sheila Shaw is a Cree Metis artist from Gift Lake Metis Settlement. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge in 2019 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Native American Art Studio. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas painted in abstract geometric forms. She is currently based in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Date:April 15th, 2023  -  June 3rd, 2023

Location:Casa - Main Gallery

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