Sky Palace – Craig Talbot

Sky Palace – Craig Talbot

“Many years ago, in the year 2021, the sacred trees were emancipated from humankind. The people of the Sky Palace re-planted the trees to create a new healthy planet where the people of Earth could have a chance to redeem themselves for poisoning the sacred trees. Some of the trees were taken to the Temple of the Sacred Tree to perform an important duty: They were to be a reminder of the past and a promise to the future to never let the Earth suffer again. Over time, the Earth returned to it’s previous  state.  Thanks to the people of the Sky Palace, humans now live in a lush paradise free of war, famine and disease.”

This is just a glimpse of the narrative I created as the foundation for the work in this exhibition. I hope to reach the viewer in a way that makes them think about life and their role in it. I also want to express my feelings about the environment.

I think it is the duty of all artists to tell the truth. This is my expression of truth. This is my way of having hope in a world where things often seem hopeless. Even when things seem hopeless, I keep painting, because art is my salvation.  I try to remain positive because in today’s world humankind needs all the positivity it can get. “The Story of the Sky Palace” is my way of bringing the hope that I have to life.

Artist Bio

Craig Talbot was born in 1974.  He has lived in many places in Canada and the US.  Even above the old and contemporary masters, Talbot is most influenced by comic book art, album covers and skateboard graphics.  He currently resides in Cardston, AB where he thrives in the peaceful beauty of the country.

Date:November 20th, 2021  -  January 15th, 2022


Location:Casa - Passage Gallery

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