Stories, Songs and Dance of the Plains People – Trevor Kiitokii

Stories, Songs and Dance of the Plains People – Trevor Kiitokii

Stories, Songs and Dance of the Plains People – Trevor Kiitokii

Stories, Songs and Dance explores the cultural identity of the Plains people through the use of powerful imagery that showcases ancient knowledge transferred through stories, songs and dances. The knowledge from these practices connect the Plains People to the land, history and culture, as they provide awareness, healing, and invoke an understanding of the past, present and future.

Using a series of gel, pastels and paint the canvas is transformed into moments frozen in time as the individuals depicted represent forms of cultural expression and spiritual experiences.

Trevor Kiitokii is a Blackfoot artist from the Piikani Nation. Kiitokii’s media includes painting, beading and textile. His art is influenced by his Blackfoot and Lakota cultural heritage as well as his friend and mentor Dr.Dale Auger. He began creating his art as a teen, sewing his first grass dance outfit with instruction from his family and friends. His passion soon progressed to leather work, creating traditional regalia such as Blackfoot war shirts, dance outfits and tools. He then shifted his focus to painting which gives him the ability to share stories of his cultural identity and knowledge as he explores themes centered around traditional Blackfoot life, culture, songs and dance. Currently, all created artwork is done by commission, designing art with the clients vision in mind.

Date:September 9th, 2023  -  September 30th, 2023

Location:Casa - Saokitapi Gallery

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