The Dancers – Maria Riviere

The Dancers – Maria Riviere

The Dancers I:  dried plants and yarn

I find that the most important part of this project is the mind and body processes. A logical process intertwined with intuition, free association, gestural movements, repetition, and colour. This research–driven work combines art theories, movements, artists’ influence, and my exploration. The work, developed during the COVID-19 pandemic, speaks about connections, virtual and real, existing, and past, continuing, and interrupted ones. I started by subconsciously associating common garden weed stems to neurons in the brain, then continued playing with the physical attributes of raw elements, weaving a personal expression.

The Dancers II:  paper rolls, plaster, wire, paint

In this work I engage with ideas, concepts, and materials, sketching and exploring possibilities. I am in constant conversation with materials, allowing the flow of creativity where the materials qualities evoke situations, and the artist’s actions reveal traces of processes and concepts. I explore and integrate questions of communication, limits, spirituality, chance encounters, aesthetics, permanence, and visible and invisible anti-form connections.


Maria Riviere is an Argentinian-Canadian fourth year BFA (Art) Art Studio student at The University of Lethbridge.  She enjoys art for its many forms of expression and is exploring different techniques and mediums while attempting to communicate social, political, personal concerns and life experiences. She has received numerous awards and scholarships, including the Abbondanza Fine Arts Undergraduate Scholarship (2021), The Roloff Beny Foundation Photographic Award in Fine Arts (2021) and the Jason Lang Scholarship (2020 – 2021). Her work has been exhibited in the group exhibitions Body & Time in 2021 in the niche gallery and Exploration in Black in 2020 in the niche gallery, as well as Enduring/Mapping/Archiving. And exhibited works for Annual Art Student Open.

Date:January 29th, 2022  -  March 26th, 2022

Location:Casa - Student Showcase

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