Worlds Apart – Aaron Hagan

Worlds Apart – Aaron Hagan

Worlds Apart – Aaron Hagan

“Worlds Apart” is a small suite of paintings that brings together two approaches to painting that I have been exploring both separately and in unison for close to two decades.  These two approaches primarily involve expression and resolution.  Abstract painting, for me, is a creative act coupled with a myriad of impulsive decisions and constant problem solving in an effort to create uniquely balanced and harmonious imagery.

In this series, I started by painting a colourful background. I wanted a background that would influence the foreground colours but would be ‘loose’ enough to allow for a variety of possibilities.  The next step was to select the best complementary hue as my principle ‘drips’ or ‘skein’ to create a framework for the third stage of the process. Once the framework was set, I filled in the majority of the negative spaces with colour. I immensely enjoy this approach to Art as there is so much spontaneity in the decisions regarding colour and composition.  Unlike recreating an image with representationalism, in my art practice each decision influences the next and I am never certain of the end result.

I chose to paint the frames of the quartet with alternate hues to create a different read on each piece and on the work as a set. My aim is to create imagery that is both pleasing to the eye and thought provoking.


My name is Aaron Hagan.  I am a Lethbridge based artist and a BFA graduate from the University of Lethbridge, majoring in painting.  I have had an active studio practice for over 15 years.  I primarily work in acrylic, exploring vibrant abstract art with a focus on line, shape & colour

Date:January 29th, 2022  -  March 26th, 2022

Location:Casa - Focus Gallery

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